Jaisalmer : The Sun City - Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is located in the District of Rajasthan; a state of India situated near Thar Desert,the terrain around, within a radius of about 60 kms is stony and rocky.

The area is barren, undulating with its famous sand dunes. Surrounded with Forts & Havelis. This is a city which is on the "Must - Do" lists of every Backpacker who heads off to India. 

Location: Western Rajasthan, close to Indo-Pak boarder.

Climate of Jaisalmer : Summer- 42°C to 25°C, Winter- 24°C to 7°C

Best time to visit : October to March  

Language spoken : Rajasthani, Hindi and Urdu Religions: Hinduism and Islam 


Article & Photos by : Ankur Thatai - Travel Photographer